discovering beaches of the west coast


  • Pefkoulia beach
  • Agios Nikitas beach
  • Kathisma beach
  • Porto Katsiki beach


approximately 6 hours


Lefkada is unique from the Ionian islands by the number of beautiful beaches per square km with short distances between them.

Through this tour, we will discover the most famous beaches on the west coast.

Our 1st stop is Pefkoulia beach where you can enjoy the beautiful beach with a pool bar and all facilities, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

From there straight towards cozy village Agios Nikitas with a small bay at the end. 

3rd stop is Kathisma beach. Long, slightly sandy, organized beach with many beach bars with parties and DJs, restaurants as well.

The best at the end. The one and only Porto Katsiki - island icon with white pabbles.

Even if most of them are organized, you can still find your piece of peace away from the crowd.

While moving between each "beach stop," you can enjoy the landscape view around and listen to some fun facts about the island I will share with you. The part of our itinerary is also lunchtime in "tavern" a traditional Greek restaurant, but you can choose to stay in some restaurant on the beach if you wish.

Still, considering? Check out pictures ;)

*Possibility of changes apply throughout the tour

The standard time on each beach is up to 1 hour, but we can stay longer on one and skip the other one since it is your tour. 

Still, considering? Check out pictures ;)


You'll enjoy your day trip with the guide and the driver being the same person, being transported from one spot to another by car. Transportation is provided with a rental, modern air-conditioned car, comfortable up to 3 passengers excluding the driver.

I can accommodate more passengers. Please contact me in case of an interest in customizing your trip for more travelers.